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View invoices awaiting approval
View invoices awaiting approval

You can check to see if there are any invoices that are still with an approver from the finance area.

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To view invoices that are awaiting approval, select Awaiting Approval from the Invoices section within the Finance area.

By clicking on an invoice, you can expand this and see the available actions below:

  • Note - to add any further notes prior to approval.

  • Attachments - to include any further documentation necessary for approval.

  • Redirect Approval - to amend the approval flow assigned to the invoice.

  • Recall - to return the invoice to the draft area for amendments or to delete.

Note: If you have 'Approve on behalf of approvers' and 'Reject on behalf of approvers' selected from your advanced settings, you'll also be able to:

  • Approve - to approve the invoice on behalf of the approver.

  • Reject - to reject the invoice on behalf of the approver.

You'll also be able to send email reminders to approvers by ticking an invoice and selecting 'Send Reminder'.

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