To establish an Allstar transaction feed for your company account, please follow the steps outlined below to enable us to configure the Allstar transaction feed:

  1. Please contact Allstar directly to request the Allstar transaction feed is sent to ExpenseIn.

  2. Once Allstar has confirmed the Allstar customer number to you, please provide this to our Implementation team along with the desired date you like the nominated account to start receiving transactions from the Allstar transaction feed.

  3. Our Implementation team will ask you to ensure all cardholder statement identifiers have been updated with the cardholder's name on card.

    The required format: Must be an exact match with the name on card.

    Example: Karen L Smith

    Once the Allstar transaction feed is live, this will use and automatically detect the statement identifiers setup against your user profiles to allocate each purchase transaction.

  4. The Allstar transaction feed configuration will be completed by the agreed go-live date and confirmed with you.

Any additional company cards by a different card provider will require the use of our card statement import feature.

Please contact our support team by emailing if you would like to know more about setting up this feature.

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