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Set up your departments
Set up your departments

Group your users into the relevant department to allow departmental reporting within the Finance section.

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You can add departments to your account in the Admin section. Departments can be added individually or you have the option to import your departments

1. From the Admin section, click Departments.

2. Click the New Department button. 

3. Give the Department a name.

4. The Reference field (optional) is where you can input the Department Reference to match with your accounting package.

5. On the Approval tab, you can assign an approval flow to your Department. This means any users assigned to this Department will be applied to this approval flow. If you haven't yet created your approval flows you will have to do this first. 

6. On the Visibility tab, you can select which users, user groups or departments can select this department, if the user has the override department setting turned on in their user settings.

7. Once you're happy, click Create to add that Department to your account.

Assigning a Department to your users

Now that you have created your departments you will need to assign them to your users. 

1. In Admin, navigate to Users.

2. Choose the users that belong to the department you are assigning by selecting them (tick the box next to their name).

3. Click the Actions drop-down and select Change Department.

4. Select the department you wish to assign from the drop-down list.

Alternatively, you can individually click Edit next to your users' profiles and select the department there. 

Please note: Users are able to override their departments when creating an expense. However, this function is only available if you have applied this setting in your users' profiles

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