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Adding existing mileage
Adding existing mileage

Adding existing mileage into ExpenseIn will ensure that any mileage rate limits take into account the user's mileage prior to ExpenseIn.

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If end-users have completed business miles, before using the Personal Car Mileage expense to log their business mileage, we recommend entering their existing business mileage into the system. 

Please note: Existing mileage only applies to personal car mileage. Please see Change Mileage Rate Settings to configure mileage rate distance limits.

  1. From Admin, click Existing Mileage.

2. Click Add Existing Mileage.

3. Select the user you wish to assign the existing mileage to.

4. Input the mileage.

Once you're happy, click Add.

To Import multiple users existing mileage please follow our Import existing mileage data help article.

Finance users can run Cumulative Mileage Reports in the Completed area of Finance to see the cumulative personal car mileage that has been recorded for each tax year. 

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