Add a favourite expense (mobile app)

Create regular expenses even quicker by adding them to your favourites.

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Adding an expense to your favourites will allow you to re-use this expense as a template, saving you from having to type the details in every time.

You can add an expense to your favourites, by first creating the expense, editing it by tapping on the expense in your Drafts screen and then by tapping the Add button. 

To create an expense from your favourites, tap the Favourites icon. You can then select the favourite template by tapping it, editing if appropriate and tapping Save.

Once you have created an expense from your favourites, the expense will be sent to your Draft expenses area. 

Please note: It is not possible to add company car mileage log journeys to your favourites. This feature is only available for purchase expenses, personal car mileage expenses and time expenses.

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