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Edit an approval flow
Edit an approval flow

Add, edit or delete an approval flow stage.

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Change an existing Approval Flow

1. Navigate to Admin and click Approval Flows

2. Click Edit next to the Approval Flow you wish to edit:

  • Select a new approver by deselecting the current approver by clicking their name and selecting a new name from the list.

  • You can select multiple approvers from the drop down list by selecting their names. 

Add an Approval Flow stage

1. Click +Add Stage

2. Select the Approvers Name(s) from the drop down.

3. Select the Condition that they approve under from: Always, Amount Exceeds, Amount Under, Outside Policy, Reimbursable, Reconcilable and Billable.

4. Enter an amount if you selected Amount Exceeds or Amount Under.

5. Select Yes if you would like your approvers to be able to Edit from Approval. 

6. Click Update and all expenses or invoices under this approval flow submitted from this point will follow your changes. 

Remove an Approval Stage

Please note, when deleting the final stage, any expenses or invoices that are awaiting approval and are assigned to that stage will be automatically rejected and sent back to the user to resubmit. 

1. Click Edit next to the Approval Flow.

2. Click the red X next to the stage you wish to delete.

3. Click Update

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