Updating the ExpenseIn app is performed exactly the same way as any other app on your mobile device. 

Important Note - If you cannot update your apps please contact your company IT team and ask them to advise you regarding updating apps on your company device. 

You can check which version of the app you are running by:

1. Open the ExpenseIn mobile app.

2. Press the three-bar menu icon in the top left corner of the screen. The version number will be displayed in the top right. 

To check for updates and install the latest version of the ExpenseIn mobile app, search for ExpenseIn on either the App Store (Apple), Google Play Store (Android) or Microsoft Store (Microsoft). Links to the stores are below:

On your mobile device, the app will either show a download icon / button next to it indicating a new version is ready to install or it will show the open button which indicates the latest version has already downloaded. 

It is possible your mobile device is set up to automatically download app updates.

Download the mobile app

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