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Attaching a receipt to a draft expense
Attaching a receipt to a draft expense

How to attach a receipt to an existing expense in Drafts.

Written by Jack
Updated over a week ago

To attach a receipt to an expense in your Drafts:

1. Head to your My Expenses area and click on Draft.

2. Locate the expense and click on the expense line to expand it. 

3. Click Edit.

4. Click the Choose a Receipt icon.

5. Click Choose an Existing Receipt to select from a receipt you have already uploaded to your ExpenseIn account. Or click Browse Computer to select a receipt file saved on your computer. 

6. Choose the receipt image you wish to attach to your expense. 

Please see our FAQ Help Article for help on how to add multiple receipts to a single expense.

7. Click Update to save the expense with the receipt attached.

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