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Capture a receipt (mobile app)
Capture a receipt (mobile app)

Capture your receipts on the go and let ExpenseIn extract your receipt data so that you can create expenses effortlessly.

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1. In the Menu area, tap the Grab a receipt icon. This will open up your phone's camera where you can take a photo of your receipt. 

2. Tap Ok to use the photo or Retry to take another photo of your receipt on your Android device.

If you have an iOS device, tap Use Photo to use the photo or Retake to take another photo of your receipt.

Please note: If you take a photo of multiple receipts in one image, the system cannot scan them. Receipts will also only be scanned where they have not yet been attached to an expense. 

You can skip the next steps but we recommend adding these details as it will save you time once the expense is created:

  • Add a memo to your receipt to populate the description box when you create the expense.

  • Select the Purchase Method to populate this when you create the expense. 

3. Tap Done to add the receipt to your account.

The receipt will be sent to your Receipts section. You can create an expense instantly, but we would suggest waiting for the receipt to be scanned first.

The scanning process will extract the Date, Merchant, Amount, VAT amount and Currency. This process takes approximately one minute. 

Once a receipt has been scanned it will have a yellow scanned label on it. 

4. To create an expense from your receipt, tap the receipt and then tap Expense at the bottom of the screen.

If you have any receipts that have been sent to your email address, you can use our email to receipts feature to upload these to your account.

Please note: If your finance team upload card statements on your behalf, do not create expenses from your receipts as you will create duplicates. Instead, upload your receipts and attach them to the imported expenses.

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