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Merge unmatched draft company card expenses - (mobile app)
Merge unmatched draft company card expenses - (mobile app)

How to merge an imported company card expense with an existing draft company card expense.

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When your company card statement is imported into ExpenseIn, the system will look to see if it can match any receipts from your unattached folder, or any draft company card expenses manually created, to the imported expenses. 

For more information on the matching process please see our guide on Matching Rules for Imported Expenses

Imported expenses are highlighted in the Draft area by a credit card icon next to them.

Your company will likely have a policy rule in place that stops you from submitting company card expenses that have not been imported. 

This means, if you have manually created a card expense that has not matched to the imported transaction from the statement, you will have two draft expenses for the same thing, but can only submit the imported expense. 

To allow you to submit your expenses, merge the imported company card expense(s), with the manually created company card expense(s).

Please note: You can only merge incomplete company card expenses. The purchase method and currency type must also match, on both the imported card expense and the manually created expense, for the system to allow the merge process to occur.

The following information is never copied when using the merge tool:

  • Expense Date

  • Purchase Amount

Merging your expenses

1. Tap on the incomplete company card expense, then tap on the Merge option at the bottom of the screen.

Please note: Depending on your user permissions, you may see a More button instead of Merge. Tap the More button and then select the Merge option that is displayed.

2. A list of eligible expenses will be displayed. Find the expense you created manually, you can use the Search tool to help locate the expense if required.

3. Tap on the expense you would like to merge with the incomplete company card expense.

4. Once you have selected the correct expense, tap Continue to confirm and merge the expenses.

Please note: The chosen expense will be deleted once merged.

5. You will see a success message to confirm the merge is complete. The expense selected to merge has now been deleted and the expense information is copied over to the company card expense. The expense no longer displays as incomplete.

6. After merging any applicable expenses, if you still have incomplete draft company card expenses, you will need to manually update them.

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