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Policy rules - Duty of care
Policy rules - Duty of care

How to enforce that your users upload their vehicle documents before they can submit their mileage expenses.

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Duty of care is only available to ExpenseIn Enterprise customers. Please speak to your Account Manager or contact if you would like to discuss the feature or upgrade your account.

If your subscription allows, you can set additional policy rules for mileage expenses. To do this, click the Duty of Care tab when creating or editing your policy.

Each policy rule has four options available: Off, Block, Warn or Report.

  • Off - The rule is not applied.

  • Block - Users cannot submit the expense.

  • Warn - The message should be reviewed and if it is OK, click on the Continue button to submit the expense. If not, click the Cancel button to go back and edit the expense.

  • Report - No warnings are displayed to the submitter, but are visible to the Approver and Finance users.

Please note: We would recommend you set the rules to Block in order to enforce the documents are uploaded by users before they can submit their mileage expenses. 

To assign who can review documents uploaded by your users, select the name(s) from the drop down list, under Document Approvers.

If you would like your users to have specific document approvers, you can duplicate your existing policy and amend the Document Approvers on the newly created version.

You can then assign the new policy, with the different Document Approver(s), to your users in the Users section of the Admin area.

Please note:

  • Users will be notified 14 days prior to their documents expiring.

  • You must have at least one rule turned on before the Vehicle Documents section will appear in My Expenses.

For more information on the policy rules, hover over the question marks.

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