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To add the vehicle document policy rules:

1. Navigate to Admin and click on Policies.

2. Click Edit next to the policy you wish to apply the rules on.

3. Click on the Vehicle Documents tab. 

4. Turn the required rules to either Warn or Block. We would recommend you set the rules to Block in order to enforce the documents are uploaded by users before they can submit their mileage expenses. 

To assign who can review the documents once they are uploaded by your users select the name(s) from the drop down list, under Document Approvers.

If you'd like your users to have specific document approvers, you can duplicate your existing policy and amend the Document Approvers on the newly created version. You'll now be able to select which users have the Document Approvers on the new policy - just head to the Users section in the Admin area and Edit and assign the new policy.

Please note that users will be notified 14 days prior to their documents expiring.

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