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Post expenses from the Approved, and Export History sections in the Finance area. 

1. When you are ready to post Approved expenses, navigate to the Approved section and click in the relevant section for the type of expenses you wish to post.

2. Select the expenses for posting by selecting them individually or by ticking the Select All check box.

  • System filters are available to help you find the expenses needed.

3. Click the Export dropdown button and choose either Export All or Export Selected.

4. Select the accountancy to post the expenses too.

Please note: 

  • If you have any billable expenses, you will need to mark them as Billed separately before posting from the Reconcilable or Reimbursable Approved sections. 

  • All expenses will be moved to the Completed section in the Finance area once the posting has been started. If any expenses are not moved, please check the billable section and complete manually. 

5. Click the Export History link in the posting total message box to view the status process of the posting.

6. Click the Refresh option to get the most up-to-date posting status.

  • Transaction Reference is the reference shown in your accounting package. For example, if posting as a purchase invoice, this will be the invoice reference. If posting as a bank payment, this will be the payment reference.

7. Once Complete is shown all expenses have been successfully posted to the accountancy package. 

Failed expenses

Any expense which Failed posting will need to be investigated and retried. 

1. Clicking on the expense will display the reason for the failure. Investigate which information is missing from either ExpenseIn or your accountancy package. 

2. Once the missing information has been updated, return to the Export History section in Imports and Exports, in Finance, and click on the Postings tab. 

3. Click on the failed expense to display the information and click on the Retry Failed Records button.

4. A new Complete line will be added and displayed.

Please note - The failed status line will remain in Postings

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