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Schedule a user as leaving
Schedule a user as leaving

Schedule an employee leaving date to remove the user's access to their user account.

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If a user leaves your business, we would recommend you schedule the users leaving date in ExpenseIn. Marking a user as a leaver will ensure they no longer have access to their ExpenseIn my expenses account after their leave date.

The option is available to enter users scheduled leave date or if a user has already left the business, enter the date they left.

Follow the steps below to set a users leaving date:

1.From the Admin area, navigate to Users.

2. Find the user who is leaving and click Edit found at the end of the user profile.

3. Click on the Employment tab

4. Select or enter their leave date

5. Click the Update button.

  • When a leave date is scheduled for a user, the yellow clock icon appears.

  • When the leave date entered is met, the user will be removed from the active user profile list.

How to view users who have left

User the Filter box Include Leavers to view all users including, those who have left.

  • The red clock icon appears for users who are marked as left and who no longer have access to their my expenses.

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