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Delete a user account to permanently remove an individuals access to their ExpenseIn account for your company.

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Expenses Submitted, Approved and Completed will never be deleted when a user account is deleted. 

You will need to delete the user from PA Assist and any Approval Flows before deleting the user account. 

You have the option to delete a user record when you are editing a user's details.

Delete a User from the Users section in the Admin area:

1. Ensure all outstanding Draft expenses have been submitted by the user or by an ExpenseIn Finance user.

2. Navigate to the Admin section and click Users.

3. Click Filter

  • Enter the username in the User Search box. 

  • Click Update

4. Select the user by clicking the small box in front of their name.

5. Click the Delete button which is now available. 

6. Please read the Delete Users confirmation box and click Continue.

The user account has been deleted and the expense history for the account is still available in the Finance section. 

The option is available to schedule a User as leaving on the Employment tab when editing a Users profile.

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