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Test outbound file delivery
Test outbound file delivery

Follow these steps to test exporting an expenses or invoices report directly to SFTP or an email address.

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Complete a test by exporting approved expenses or invoices from the Approved section in the Finance area using the File Destination option.

Pre-requisites to completing the test:

  • Ensure a New Outbound File Delivery setup has been added in the Admin area under the Integration section and on the File Delivery tab. Available Options are Email and SFTP.

  • Have approved expenses or invoices available to process.

We also recommend the Finance users who routinely process approved expenses or invoices from the Finance areas complete this test.


  1. From the Approved area of the Finance section (Expenses and/or Invoicing module), select one or two approved expenses or invoices, click the Export button, and select Export Selected.

  • If your ExpenseIn account is connected to an accountancy package via Integration, you will need to select the File option.

2. In the following window:

  • Enter the name you want the file to have in the Report Name box.

  • Choose your Format (you can manage your Export Formats in the Admin area > Export Formats).

  • Select the Email Address set up or the Display Name you entered for your company file server in the File Destination.

  • Tick Include receipts if you wish to receive copies of the receipt images attached to the selected expenses.

3. Select Export to test your SFTP Outbound Filer Delivery export.

4. Check your email inbox or SFTP site for the generated file.

You'll find a record of your test export in your Expenses and/or Invoices Export History section.

Please contact our Support Team at if you experience any issues with the outbound file delivery test.

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