Follow the steps below to mark approved expenses as completed from the Finance area in the Invoicing Module without exporting.

1. Click on the Approved option in the Invoices section.

2. Review the approved invoices by clicking on the Invoice Line to expand to see the summary details.

  • Click the Edit button if changes are required.

  • Click the +Note button if additional notes are needed.

  • Click the Reject button if issues are found when reviewing the expense. You will be asked to enter a reason why you are rejecting.

  • Click the Delete button if the invoice is not required and needs removing.

3. Click Select All or click to select each invoice you would like to complete.

4. Click the Actions button and click Mark as Completed.

5. In the Mark as Complete box, check the number of invoices is the correct number you have selected and click the Continue button.

Click the Cancel button if you are not ready to move the invoices to Completed.

The approved invoices can now be found in the Completed section in the Finance area.

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