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Edit approved invoices
Edit approved invoices

How to edit your approved invoices.

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Before completing and/or exporting your approved invoices, you may need to edit or amend some of the invoice details. You'll find your approved invoices by clicking on Approved in the Invoices section shown below.

Review your approved invoices by clicking on each Invoice Line to expand this and see your invoice details.

As shown in the image above, you'll be able to action several options for each of your approved invoices.

By clicking Edit, you'll be able to amend the details of the invoice, including:

  • Changing the Invoice line(s)

  • Amending the Supplier choice

  • Altering the invoice reference or purchase order number

  • Assigning, changing or removing a purchase request

By clicking + Note, you can add additional comments that are relevant to the invoice.

Added notes will then be available to see in the invoice's history.

By clicking Attachments, you'll be able to attach additional files you find relevant to the invoice.

By clicking Reject, the invoice will migrate to the Rejected area of the Invoices section - here you can find more information on how to manage rejected invoices.

By clicking Delete, you'll remove the invoice (including its attachments and notes) from the Invoicing area - click here for more information on deleted invoices.

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