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Export and complete approved invoices
Export and complete approved invoices

How to mark approved invoices as completed while exporting them from the Approved section in the Finance area.

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Follow the steps in this article to export approved invoices and move them to the Completed section in the Finance area in the Invoicing module.

1. Click on the Approved option in the Invoices section.

2. Review the approved invoices by clicking on each invoice line to expand to see further invoice details.

  • Click the Edit button if changes are required.

  • Click the +Note button if additional notes are needed.

  • Click Attachments to attach or view any additional files relevant to the invoice.

  • Click the Reject button if issues are found when reviewing the expense. You will be asked to enter a reason why you are rejecting.

  • Click the Delete button if the invoice is not required and needs removing.

For more details on the above actions, take a look at our Help Centre article on how to edit approved invoices.

3. Click Select All or click to select each invoice you would like to export and complete.

4. Click the Export button and click Export Selected.

5. If you are exporting to a file, the Export Invoices box will appear for you to update.

  • Enter a Report Name in the Report Name box.

  • Select the Format you would like to use.

  • Choose a File Destination for your report. If you have not configured outbound delivery this will automatically download to your browser.

  • Tick the Mark as completed option under Export Actions.

  • If you would like a copy of the invoice attachment and any other attached files please tick the Include files option.

Please Note: If you are using one of our Integration options to post to your accountancy package, please ensure you have updated the Invoice mapping before trying to post.

6. Click the Export button once you have double-checked the information entered in the Export Invoices box.

7. The report file will now start to download, and you can click the Close button on the Export Invoices box.

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