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How to search for all invoices and export them.

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Searching for invoices can be particularly useful when dealing with an invoice or supplier query. The steps in this article will help you globally search for invoices at all invoice stages (e.g. Draft, Rejected, Awaiting Approval, Approved or Completed).

1. Click on the Search option in the Invoices section within Finance.

2. Use the Filter options to define your search criteria by Date, Type or Status, then click the Update button.

Use the Search field to type in your supplier name, invoice reference, etc. to further filter your results.

Click the +Note button if additional notes are needed.

Please note: Completed invoices will have a green tick against them, next to the invoice status, so you can easily differentiate these from the rest of your invoices.

Exporting your search results

1. Click Select All or click to select each invoice you would like to export.

2. Click the Export button and click Export Selected.

3. The Export Invoices window will then appear for you to update.

  • Enter a report name in the Report Name field.

  • Select the Format you would like to use.

  • Select the File Destination for your export file. You can choose to download this to browser or have this emailed to your email address.

  • If you like a copy of the invoice attachment to be downloaded, please tick the Include files option.

4. Click the Export button once you have double-checked the information entered in the Export Invoices screen.

5. The report file will now start to download, and you can click the Close button.

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