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Advanced Settings: Approval tab
Advanced Settings: Approval tab

Explanation of all advanced settings found on the Approval tab in the Advanced Settings section within Admin.

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This help article will guide admin users as to what each advanced setting within the Admin section does.

To access the Advanced Setting area click on Admin and click Advanced Settings under the Account Setup menu.

Approval Tab

Approvers can redirect approval - If enabled, approvers can redirect expenses awaiting their approval to another approval flow.

Show all options to approvers (edit mode only) - If enabled, approvers who are able to edit expenses awaiting their approval have full visibility of all departments, VAT rates, projects and categories regardless of the visibility settings within Admin.

Notify previous approvers when expenses rejected - If enabled, when an expense is rejected by an approver or finance user, any previous approvers in the approval flow will receive an email notification.

Approvers can set out of office - Approvers can utilise our out of office feature to delegate their approvals to another user.

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