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Policy rules - Category Limits
Policy rules - Category Limits

Set up category limits when creating or editing your expense policy to manage your users' expenses.

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When setting up your Expense Policy, you can set category limits to Block, Warn or Report on your users' expense amounts for specific categories. To do this, click the Category Limits tab when creating or editing your policy.

Please note: You should ensure you have added all of your categories first.

Each policy rule has four options available: Off, Block, Warn and Report.

  • Off -The rule is not applied.

  • Block - Users cannot submit the expense.

  • Warn - The message should be reviewed and if it is OK, click on the Continue button to submit the expense. If not, click the Cancel button to go back and edit the expense.

  • Report - No warnings are displayed to the submitter, but are visible to the Approver and Finance users.

You can select whether the category limit is per Expense, Day, Night, or Attendee and enter the limit amount in your account's base currency.

To set up additional category limits, click the +Add Additional Category Limit button.

To remove a category limit, click the red X on the right hand side of the limit you would like to remove.

Please note: When you apply the policy to your users that have access to a company card, we strongly advise against using Block rules for Category Limits.

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