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This article provides information on some of the mileage policy rules that are available to implement for best practice.

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When setting up your Expense Policy, you can impose policy rules for your users' mileage expenses. To do this, click the Mileage tab when creating or editing your policy.

Each policy rule has four options available: Off, Block, Warn or Report.

  • Off - The rule is not applied.

  • Block - Users cannot submit the expense.

  • Warn - The message should be reviewed and if it is OK, click on the Continue button to submit the expense. If not, click the Cancel button to go back and edit the expense.

  • Report - No warnings are displayed to the submitter, but are visible to the Approver and Finance users.

Please note: We recommend only using a Block ruling when no exceptions to the rule can occur.

There are two mileage policy rules we recommend implementing as best practice:

Mileage distance tolerance - If the 'Google Maps distance calculation' setting is enabled in your Advanced Settings, then this rule will allow a user to update the Google Maps calculated distance up to a certain % tolerance. If this % tolerance is exceeded, the policy rule will be enforced.

Postcode locations - Using Google Maps, this rule will check to see if the postcodes entered by the user are valid within the UK (excludes international postal/zip codes). Setting this rule as Warn is an effective way to ensure users check their postcodes before submitting expenses.

For more information on the policy rules, hover over the question marks.

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