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Advanced Settings: Expenses tab
Advanced Settings: Expenses tab

Explanation of all advanced settings found under the Expenses tab, in the Advanced Settings section within Admin.

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To access the advanced settings area, click Admin and then click Advanced Settings under the Account Setup menu.

Expenses Tab

Users must select a category - Enforces users to choose a category for each expense.

Users must select a project - Enforces users to choose a project for each expense.

Show autocomplete for project selection - Replaces the project drop down list on an expense with a text box, allowing users to enter a project name. The system will suggest projects based on the text entered by the user.

Users must enter a merchant - Enforces users to enter a merchant for each expense.

Show billable option - Allows users to select if the expense is billable or not via a tick box on their expense. We recommend if you are using projects that you leave this setting off and that you select in the project settings if the project is billable or not.

Show reimbursable option (time expenses) - If enabled, users will be able to select if their time expense is reimbursable. If disabled, the time expense will be billable.

Allow negative expenses (credits/refunds) - Allows users to enter a minus symbol before a gross amount on a purchase expense to turn the expense into a credit/refund.

Users can override the tax amount - If enabled, users will be able to overtype the VAT amount calculated using the tax rate assigned to the expense.

Users can override the exchange rate - If enabled, users will be able to overtype the exchange rate on their foreign amount expense.

Use fixed time rates - Users are unable to enter their own rate on time expenses, instead will need to use the time rates set up in the Admin > Time Rates section.

Users can recall submitted expenses - Allows users to recall an expense currently awaiting approval back to their Draft area so that changes can be made.

Users can delete imported expenses - Allows users to delete expenses that have been imported, or created via a transaction feed.

Restrict editing of imported expenses - Prevents users from updating the date, amount and currency on expenses that have been imported, or created via a transaction feed.

Google Maps distance calculation - Will show users the Google Maps distance calculation on their mileage expenses.

Journey location suggestions - Will show users location prompts as they type. The system will suggest postcodes or locations based on previous mileage expenses submitted by the user.

Show commute distance (personal car mileage) - Allows users to enter their commute distance which will be deducted from the mileage claim amount.

Allow multiple stops (personal car mileage) - Allows users to enter multiple stops on a single mileage expense.

Require travel duration (personal car mileage) - If enabled, users will be required to enter the duration of their journey on their mileage expenses.

Maximum expense description length - Choose the maximum character limit for the description of an expense.

Please note: You can hover over the blue question mark icons to remind you what each setting is for.

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