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Import pre-registrations
Import pre-registrations

Pre-register your ad hoc users by importing a CSV file containing their user details.

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Users will be able to use the Ad Hoc module once they've completed the registration process. To register, users must be pre-registered in the Admin section of your ExpenseIn account before you email your users with the subdomain or custom domain link from the Settings area.

Start by navigating to your Admin area, using the Pre-Registrations tab within the Ad Hoc heading.

Please note: Before completing an ad hoc user import, please download and read the full Pre-Registration Ad Hoc User Specification. You can also download a Pre-Registration Ad Hoc User Template CSV file if required.

Click on Import to add your users.

Then click Browse and select your CSV from your device and then select Import.

Note: Always use Test Mode to ensure you're importing the data correctly. Once you've successfully tested your user import, import your users with Test Mode disabled.

Once you've imported your CSV file, you'll receive a confirmation message on the page. Your users will now be able to register via your subdomain; you'll be able to view the status of your pre-registrations on this page.

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