Export Payment Runs

Find out how to locate and export your Payment Runs from the Finance area.

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From the Payments section, in the Finance area, you can view and export your users' paid expenses.

Please follow the steps below to find and export your processed reimbursable expense data:

1. Navigate to the Payments section and click Payment Runs.

2. Use the Created Date filter option in Filter to set the date range you require. This is the date the reimbursable expenses were marked as paid.

3. Click the Update button.

Please note: Expenses marked as incomplete for any reason will still be returned when a search is completed. When you see a yellow exclamation mark box displayed, this indicates one or more expenses in the batch have been marked as incomplete and have a current status of Unpaid.

4. Select the Payment Runs you would like to include in your report, or click the Payment Run line to expand and select the individual expenses you would like to export.

5. Click Export and choose Export Selected.

  • Populate the Report Name box.

  • Select the Format you wish to use.

  • Tick the Include receipts check box if you would like a separate folder containing the receipts to be included as part of the data export.

  • Click Export and your report will be downloaded to your computer.

You'll be able to view a record of your exported expenses from your Export History.

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