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Set up Telleroo as your payment provider
Set up Telleroo as your payment provider

Learn how to connect your Telleroo account to ExpenseIn using the Integration section of the Admin area.

Written by Jack
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Please Note: You will require an account with Telleroo in order to set up Integration with Telleroo in ExpenseIn. It is only possible to use the Telleroo integration in an ExpenseIn account with a GBP base currency.

To set up Telleroo as a payment provider on your account:

1. Navigate to Admin and click Integration.

2. Choose the Payments tab and next to Telleroo, click Connect.

3. You'll then be directed to Telleroo and must log in using your Telleroo login details.

4. You'll be asked to confirm you are happy to allow your ExpenseIn account to access your Telleroo account. Click Allow Access to agree.

5. You'll now be connected to Telleroo and must select which company to use using the drop-down list. Select the required Company and click Update.

6. You are now connected to your selected Telleroo company.

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