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Carbon Reporting
Introduction to Carbon Reporting
Introduction to Carbon Reporting

An overview of the carbon reporting feature and setup required.

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Carbon reporting has been released from the 8th January 2024 which now allows you to start capturing and reporting on CO2 emissions from this date.

Please note: Carbon Reporting is only available to ExpenseIn Enterprise customers. To utilise carbon reporting functionality, the company account must have a GBP base currency or Ireland EUR base currency. This feature is not available on non-GBP or non-Ireland ExpenseIn accounts.

Awaiting business decision on whether Carbon Reporting will be supported for Ad Hoc Expenses.

Depending on your company's carbon reporting requirements, it's necessary to make several updates in the Admin area of the system. This will enable users to include additional data on their expenses, which is vital for your business' CO2 emissions reporting.

To begin capturing carbon information on expenses, several updates in the Admin section are necessary. Once these updates are completed, you will be able to generate CO2 calculations for various expense categories, including:

  • Flights

  • Train Journeys

  • Road Travel (Including Taxi, Bus and Coach Journeys)

  • Hotel Stays

  • Mileage (Personal Car and Company Car Journeys)

Admin sections requiring updates are:

  • Categories

  • Mileage and Fuel Rates

Once the necessary Admin updates have been made, your users will be able to provide the data required for CO2 emissions information to be generated.

The carbon reporting feature aligns with government guidelines for carbon emissions reporting. For reference, the official government guidance can be found here: Government Environmental Reporting Guidelines.

We utilise the GHG Protocol and DEFRA's published Emission Conversion Factors data to calculate CO2E values for relevant expenses.

To learn how to make the necessary Admin changes for carbon reporting, please refer to our help article Add Carbon Reporting settings.

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