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Add Carbon Reporting settings
Add Carbon Reporting settings

How to configure your admin area settings to enable the capture of carbon data on expenses.

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Making the following Admin updates will enable you to capture carbon data on available expenses to generate the CO2 emissions information for you to report on.


Follow the below steps to update existing Categories to enable carbon reporting for your users' expenses:

1. Navigate to the Admin and click Categories.

2. Find the categories for Flights, Trains, Road Travel, Hotels, and Mileage.

3. Click the Edit button beside the chosen category and select the corresponding Carbon Category from the dropdown menu.

For example, if you have a category called Flights and you wish to include this in carbon reporting, you would select the Flight carbon category.

  • If the Require Attendee Details setting is ticked for a hotel, flight or road travel carbon category, the carbon will be multiplied by the number of attendees entered on the expense and will be recorded against the user claiming the expense.

    The user will need to include their own name in the attendee details field on their expense to ensure the carbon is multiplied correctly.

If you don't have the necessary categories for carbon reporting, you might need to create new ones. For guidance on setting up new categories, please refer to our Add your categories help article.

4. Click Update and the Category will now be identified as assigned to a Carbon Category and show a leaf icon.

5. Repeat Step 3 for each category as required. If you wish to generate carbon data for each type of carbon category available, you will have updated at least five categories and assigned them to the relevant carbon category.

Mileage and Fuel Rates

Fuel Rates Table

To enable carbon data generation for mileage expenses, additional admin updates are necessary. Follow these steps:

Please note: The Fuel Type Any is not supported when a Vehicle Type is selected and no carbon data will be generated. The combination of LPG and Small car will also not generate any data as the government data has an explicit omission for this combination.

1. Go to the Admin section and click Mileage and Fuel Rates.

2. Find the fuel rate you want to include in carbon reporting and click Edit. The fuel rates are listed in the bottom table of this section.

3. Choose a suitable vehicle type from the dropdown menu. The available options are Small, Medium, and Large.

4. Click Update.

5. Repeat Steps 2-4 for each fuel rate, ensuring each one is assigned a vehicle type.

Mileage Rates Table

In the 'Mileage and Fuel Rates' section, scroll to the top table where mileage rates are configured. It's recommended to exclude "Passenger" only mileage rates from carbon reporting to prevent duplicates in carbon calculations. To do this:

1. Find the mileage rate you intend to exclude from carbon reporting and click Edit next to it.

2. Tick the box next to 'Exclude from Carbon Reporting'.

3. Click Update.

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