Any created expenses will be stored in your Draft expenses section.

  1. To access your Draft expenses area, tap the Expenses icon.
  2. Tap on the 3 dot icon on top right-hand side of the app. This will give you the option to individually select the expenses by tapping Select... or you can tap Select All

4. Once you have selected your expenses you can tap Submit

If any policy issues have been detected with your expenses a warning will appear. This warning will state what policy the claim is in breach of. 

Providing your policy is "warn only" you can still submit your expenses by clicking Yes to continue. If you have any blocks enabled on your policy, the system will not allow you to submit these expenses. 

5. Your submitted expenses will now reside in the Submitted area. You can move between Draft, Submitted and Approved expenses by tapping the different areas on your screen. 

If you need to recall an expense that is awaiting approval, you can recall that expense back to your Draft area.

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