Share a receipt

You can share receipts with other users by sending the receipt straight to their account.

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You can share receipts with other users if your Account Administrator has turned this functionality on. 

To share an Unattached or an Attached receipt, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your My Expenses area and click on Unattached or Attached.

  2. Click the Share button underneath the receipt you would like to share.

3. Start typing in the user's name. You can share receipts with multiple people. Click on the relevant name to add it to the users in the Share Receipt box. To remove individuals that you have added, click the x next to the person's name.

4. If you would like to delete your copy of the receipt when you share it then tick the Delete my copy box.

5. When you are ready to share the receipt, click Share

The receipt will be sent to the recipient's Unattached receipt area. They can hover over the Share symbol and see who shared the receipt with them. 

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