Depending on the receipt scanning profile allocated to your account, your receipts will either be scanned by fully automated digital software within a couple of seconds or by our "human-assisted" receipt scanning service. Where your receipts are scanned by our dedicated team, the service will be available during core business hours.

In order for us to extract as much information as possible, please ensure you upload a good quality receipt in PDF or image format via the ExpenseIn mobile app, web portal or by using our Email-to-Receipt feature.

When taking a photo of a receipt, please ensure:

  • The receipt is square on to the camera.

  • The receipt is placed flat with no creases.

  • Only one receipt is in the picture (take separate photos if you need to capture more than one receipt).

  • There is sufficient light and no shadows are cast over the receipt.

Please note: We support separate PDF documents, but not combined PDF Portfolio documents.

If you have any queries or issues using our receipt scanning feature, please contact If your query is relating to a specific receipt, please attach the receipt with your query.

Capture a receipt (Mobile App)
Capture a receipt (Web-portal)
Emailing a receipt to ExpenseIn

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