When your company card statement is imported into ExpenseIn the system will look to see if it can match any receipts from your unattached folder or any draft company card expenses already created to the imported expenses. 

For more information on the matching process please see our guide on Matching Rules for Imported Expenses

Imported expenses are shown by the Credit Card Icon next to them in the Draft area and your company will likely have a policy rule in place stopping you from submitting any company card expense that have not been imported. 

This means that if you have manually created a card expense that has not matched to the imported transaction from the statement you will have two draft expenses for the same thing but you will only be able to submit the imported expense. 

In order to be able to submit your company card expenses you will need to attach the correct receipt to the imported company card expense and complete the expense by adding any additional information like a category or description for example. The steps to follow are:

1. Press on the imported company card expense (with the card icon next to it).

2. Fill in the expense ensuring the correct category is selected. 

3. Press on the add receipt icon at the top of the expense.

4. Press Existing and if your receipt is already attached to an expense you already created press on the Attached tab.

5. Press on the receipt image to add it to the expense. 

6. Press Save to save the expense. 

You are now able to delete the manually created expense in the Draft area. 

1. You can do this by pressing the expense to open it then press the Delete button at the bottom of your screen. 

Follow the same process for any expenses where the system has not matched the imported expense to the expense you already created. By the end only the imported expenses with the card symbol should remain in drafts with the correct receipts attached to them. 

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