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Approve or reject your users vehicle documents
Approve or reject your users vehicle documents

How to view and review the vehicle documents uploaded by your users.

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Duty of care is only available to ExpenseIn Enterprise customers. Please speak to your Account Manager or contact if you would like to discuss the feature or upgrading your account.

Important Note -
You must be selected as a document approver in a Policy to have access to the Document tab. Please speak to an Administrator from your company if you need to be made a document approver. 

When a vehicle document is uploaded by one of your users you will be notified by email and a red counter will appear next to the Documents heading indicating how many documents you have to review. 

To view uploaded vehicle documents:

1. Navigate to the Documents tab. 

You are able to use the filters available to narrow down the list of documents. 

To review a document:

1. Click on Review next to the document. 

2. On the pop up screen you are able to click the link(s) to view the uploaded document. If you are happy with the document uploaded by your user click Approve. Clicking Reject will prompt you to enter a rejection reason and send the document back to the user. 

Please note - You will need to have approved all the relevant vehicle documents before your users will be able to submit their mileage expenses. Users are notified by email when one of their documents have been approved. 

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