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Upload vehicle documents on behalf of a user
Upload vehicle documents on behalf of a user

How to upload duty of care vehicle documents on behalf of users.

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Duty of care is only available to ExpenseIn Enterprise customers. Please speak to your Account Manager or contact if you would like to discuss the feature or upgrade your account.

To upload vehicle documents on behalf of a user, you'll need to be assigned as Document Approvers. Document Approvers are assigned in the 'Policies' section of the 'Admin' area under the 'Duty of Care' tab.

1. Navigate to Documents

If 'Documents' is not available please speak to your company's finance team to amend your company policy.

2. Click Upload Document

3. Select the user the document is for, select the type of document and the expiry date of the document. You also have the option to add a note. 

4. Click Add Files and browse for the file saved on your computer. You are able to add multiple files if the document is saved in more than one file. 

5. Click Submit to upload the document. 

Vehicle Documents can also be submitted via PA Assist. When assisting a user through PA Assist, follow the instructions in our Add your vehicle documents help article.

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