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Advanced Settings: Receipts tab
Advanced Settings: Receipts tab

Explanation of all advanced settings found under the Receipts tab, in the Advanced Settings section within Admin.

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To access the advanced settings area, click Admin and then click Advanced Settings under the Account Setup menu.

Receipts Tab

Automatic receipt matching (card import) - If enabled, the system will match imported expenses, or expenses created by a transaction feed to unattached receipts from the user's Unattached Receipts section.

Users can share receipts - Allows users to share receipts with other users from their Unattached or Attached Receipts section.

Restrict file types - The option is available to limit the image file types your users can upload as receipts. The restricted file types supported are: JPG, JPEG, PDF, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, JIP and JIFF.

Please note: You can hover over the blue question mark icons to remind you what each setting is for.

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