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Why can't I merge an expense?
Why can't I merge an expense?

Learn how to merge company card expenses and understand why the merge option may no longer be available.

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The Merge option (shown below) will only display on 'Incomplete' imported Company Card expenses. If an expense still has required details missing, an 'Incomplete' message will show on the expense.

When the imported Company Card expense has been edited and all required fields have been completed, the 'Incomplete' message will disappear and the 'Merge' function will no longer be available.

We recommend that when the Merge option is unavailable for imported company card expenses, receipts and any other relevant information attached to a manually created expense are also uploaded/attached to the imported company card expense. We'd then recommend deleting the duplicate (manually entered) expense.

Requirements to allow an expense to be merged

There are a few requirements that allow for an expense to be merged:

  • The imported company card expense must be 'Incomplete'.

  • The purchase method must be the same for both manually created and imported.

  • The currency type must match for manually created and imported expenses.

If your expense does not meet the above criteria, you will need to manually update your expenses.

Expense details not included when merging

To retain the accuracy of your company card statement, certain details are retained from the imported/data feed generated expense when merging:

  • Expense Date

  • Purchase Amount

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