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Why does it say my receipt has already been submitted?
Why does it say my receipt has already been submitted?

ExpenseIn has flagged my receipt as having already been claimed when trying to submit my expenses.

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Your company has implemented a policy stating that a receipt can only be claimed once. If you receive the following system message, this policy is in effect:

"A receipt attached to this expense appears to have been used on another expense."

You may choose to click Continue if you see a yellow policy warning. In this case, your expense and receipt will be reviewed by your approver and/or the finance team.

If a red policy warning appears, you will not be able to submit your expense until you have consulted your company's finance team and received instructions on how to proceed.

This receipt detection feature relies on scanned data from your receipts. It requires that both the current receipt and any previously submitted receipts have sufficient scan data for an accurate comparison.

A possible receipt that has already been claimed is identified if:

  • The Receipt Date and Gross Amount match exactly, and

  • The Merchant Name closely matches a receipt submitted in the last 90 days.

Please Note: Even if your receipt is in a different currency or has a different tax amount, it could still be flagged as already claimed in the past 90 days if the Date and Amount match.

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