The personal car mileage module will allow you to create a claim from your business journeys. 

1. Click the personal car Mileage icon.

2. You can enter the journey details such as the journey date and category. You should also add a description for the journey and enter your To and From locations. 

Please note: We recommend you always enter postcodes for From and To locations.

ExpenseIn uses Google maps to calculate the distance for you. This can be changed by manually amending the distance.

  • If you see a plus symbol next to the To box this means your company has turned on the Multi-Stop feature which allows you to enter any stops you have made during your business journey.

  • You are able to edit your mileage expense and add additional stops at any time before you submit.

3. If you had a return journey, you can select Yes from the Return Journey dropdown. This will double the distance.

4. Choose the Rate (per mile) and Vehicle Details from the drop-downs. Once selected, this will be used in subsequent mileage claims.

5. You can attach fuel receipts to your claim by tapping the receipt icon.

6. Click Save to add that mileage claim to your account.

If it is a journey that you do on a regular basis, you may want to add the mileage claim to your favourites

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