When the postcode or journey locations are entered we use Google Maps to automatically select a preferred route and distance traveled from the information entered. Google Maps uses historical and live traffic data to calculate the best route. 

This is a suggested route and distance by Google Maps and your ExpenseIn account gives you the ability to overwrite and change the distance travelled if it is inconsistent with the miles you actually travelled. 

You can ask your Finance Team or Account Administrator to turn off Google Maps distance calculation for your Company Account.

If you have travelled a different route to the one suggested by Google Maps we would recommend you alter the mileage figure and make a note of the variation on your expense using “Add Additional Information” at the bottom of the expense screen. 

When entering a return journey by clicking the Return Journey tick box the system will simply double the mileage amount for the first journey and will not use Google Maps. 

Please note - a journey from A – B is not always the same as B – A as there may well be a difference in return journeys if not using the return journey button. 

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