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Why have expenses failed to post to Xero?
Why have expenses failed to post to Xero?

Reasons why expenses may fail to post to Xero.

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If Failed posting status is returned and an email is received stating that one or more expenses have failed to post to Xero, below are the common reasons for this to happen:

  • Mapping to your categories is incomplete. Check that you have valid references for your categories and any categories/nominal codes entered in Xero also exist in ExpenseIn.

  • Tax rates may be incomplete. Check that the tax rates entered in ExpenseIn and their references match those in Xero.

  • User references and/or account number field for reimbursable or reconcilable expenses may be incorrect or missing. Check that your users have the correct reference as assigned in Xero. If your employees are company card users, ensure that there is an appropriate account number field to match up to the account in Xero.

If you have checked or updated all of the above, but a Failed posting status is still being returned, please contact support -

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