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Manage Ad Hoc Users area
Manage Ad Hoc Users area

An overview of the Ad Hoc module's Manage Ad Hoc Users area.

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For users that have been given the 'Manage Ad Hoc Users' user permission, the Manage Ad Hoc Users area gives you access to adding Ad Hoc users and Preregistration users to the Ad Hoc module.

1. To access this area, log into your ExpenseIn account and click the Manage Ad Hoc Users tab.

Please note: The name of this area can be set by your company, so this tab may be named as something other than Manage Ad Hoc Users.

2. Click either Users or Preregistrations from the left-hand menu to start managing your Ad Hoc users.

Additional Information

  • The Manage Ad Hoc Users area is only available via the web portal.

  • You will only see the preregistrations option if self-registration is turned on by your company in Ad Hoc Settings.

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