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Add a preregistration
Add a preregistration

How to add a preregistration in the Ad Hoc module.

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You can add new preregistrations to your account through the Preregistrations section in the Manage Ad Hoc Users area. Ad Hoc users can be added either individually or in bulk by importing your preregistrations.

Complete the following steps to add your preregistrations individually:

1. Navigate to the Manage Ad Hoc Users tab on the menu banner. This may be named something unique to your company.

2. Click Preregistrations in the left-hand menu.

3. Click the New Preregistration button.

4. Fill out the pop-up window with the preregistration information.

  • First Name, Last Name, and Email Address: These are all required fields by the system.

  • Reference: Enter a reference to match the setup of your preregistration within your accounting package. This is useful for identifying the user when processing expenses.

  • Department: If you have set up departments, you can assign the preregistration to a specific department.

  • User Groups: If user groups have been created, you can assign the preregistration to one of these groups.

  • Expiry: Set the expiry date for the preregistration.

4. Tick Send Invite to send an email invitation to the preregistration for the Ad Hoc module. The invitation will be sent immediately upon creation. Leave this checkbox unticked if you prefer to send an invitation at a later time.

5. Once you're happy with the details entered, click Create to add the preregistration to your Ad Hoc module.

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