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How can I capture carbon footprint (CO2) data?
How can I capture carbon footprint (CO2) data?

How to capture carbon footprint data to aid CO2 reporting.

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The Carbon Reporting Feature is only available to ExpenseIn Enterprise customers. Please speak to your Account Manager or contact if you would like to discuss the feature or upgrade your account.

If you are already an Enterprise customer you can follow the steps detailed in the following help articles to set up Carbon Reporting on your account and gain a deeper understanding on the feature.

If you are not an Enterprise customer, and you wish to capture the number of miles or kilometres travelled by flight, train, and taxi as part of your company's CO2 reporting, you can achieve this utilising our Custom Field feature and by asking your users to supply the data. To do this:

Create a Custom Field on Purchase or Time expenses and select the specific travel category you require the additional data for. This will enable your users to manually input their business journey distance when claiming for an expense where the category has an element of travel.

We recommend that you set your Custom Field Type to either Text or Numerical for your users to input their business travel distance.

Using our Custom Field Report, or by using our Search Expenses feature, you'll then be able to export your own reports on the business miles or kilometres by your users.

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