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Account Admin
Account Admin

Everything from adding a user to creating custom fields

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Manage your ExpenseIn company account details
Add your users
Import user data
View the Event Log
Standard expenses export formats
Standard invoicing export formats
User Permission Options
Add/Link users
Delete a linked user
Set up your departments
Import department data
Set up an approval flow
Understanding approval flows
Add your categories
Import category data
Add a personal assistant (PA)
Add your projects
Import project data
Add your company cars
Import company car data
Add custom purchase methods
Adding existing mileage
Enable reminders
Import existing mileage data
Set up user groups
Create a custom field
Add custom exchange rates
Add new CSV export formats
Add the mileage pdf report
Add time rates
Advanced settings
Edit a CSV export format
Edit user details, permissions and settings
Schedule a user as leaving
Reinstate a leaver
Edit categories
Edit a project
Delete a project
Edit an approval flow
Delete an approval flow
Change mileage rate settings
Change fuel rates
How do I turn on calculate VAT for mileage?
Edit PA Assist
Delete a PA Assist setup
Add or edit tax rates
Add known merchants
Linked Accounts
Re-send a user invitation
Delete a user
Download your admin data
Advanced Settings: Expenses tab
Advanced Settings: Receipts tab
Advanced Settings: Invoices tab
Advanced Settings: Approval tab
Advanced Settings: Finance tab
Advanced Settings: Notifications tab
Advanced Settings: New Users tab
Advanced Settings: Account tab
Delete categories
Delete departments
Edit a department
Set out of office on behalf of an approver
Delete tax rates
Delete Mileage and Fuel Rates